I regret that I am not able to take new clients or reply to email or phone messages until September 26. For a list of other counselors, please check my list of referrals or the website of the National Career Development Association.

Searching for something new and better? Feeling stressed, stuck or restless?
I can provide you the career counseling, coaching, and support you need to move forward.

We'll collaborate to get you to your goals. In the process you'll learn new things about yourself and new strategies that will make you more effective tomorrow and in the years to come.

Career Exploration and Career Change

I can't tell if I'm in the wrong career or just the wrong job.Together we'll look at your hopes and desires, your strengths, preferred skills, interests, values, and personality to identify and prioritize your best options, and chart a course to achieve your goals.

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Job Search

I want to get the best job I can in the shortest possible time.You'll learn the best job search methods, prepare resumes that represent you really well and are targeted to the kinds of job you seek, develop social media profiles, brush up on in-person and social networking, practice interviewing skills, and negotiate the best salary.

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Career Management

Can I make my situation better, or do I need to leave?Jointly, we'll pinpoint your issues, look at your goals and strengths, and develop strategies to help you realize your full potential.

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I can help you clarify your goals, create an action plan and coach you to success.

Contact me at BK@HerzogCareerConsulting.com. We can discuss your goals and challenges, and you will be able to decide if my approach is the right one for you.

Barbara Herzog
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